I’ll be standing by your side


I've been bearing many crosses.
Some were made in heavy wood.
I survived to many losses
Lack of love and lack of food.

I got stronger, whatever happened
I've survived to everything.
But I get my heart broken
When I know you are crying.

You've been doing pretty badly
No one knows but I can feel
you withdraw and stay lonely
Time don't fix your wounds to heal

I would  bear your cross, angel
'Cause angels are meant to fly
You have carried yours for ages
and I'm afraid you would die

Only you has known how to
caress my soul in this life
and it's mainly thank's to you
if into madness I don't dive

'wish I could carry your pain
untill all your tears have dried
but 'till you'll be strong again
I'll be standing by your side.

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